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Specially developed reading materials - present delemas using the written modality

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The                                  program is based on 4 components:
Group activities - related to the resolution of complex problems, while fostering self-confidence
The language of instruction is English - developing communication skills in the most                                                                                 natural situation possible
Proven technique for improving cognition.
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New brain research show that thinking in a foreign language actually revitalizes your brain

Read about the theory behind the magic

Beti  Maya &  Hagit were in the same class. They started the class with totally different levels of English,  and totlaay different backgrounds. Theses are unedited notes that they wrote at the end of a 40m hour course.
Beti had already studied English at a very high level. In fact sh had thought of asking to be excused
Maya had never studied English . She a new immigrant, and studied German in her native Russia.
Hagit had spent some time in the U.S. and coudl speak English, but couldn't read or write at all.
New research on the brain proves - the interaction between thinking and foreign
                                                                language has an incredibly powerful effect on
                                                                the brain, while enhancing the learning itself.
         LIFE Skills

learn to think strategically
Use creative problem solving
Overcome complexities
Mathematics & hi-tech studies become easy
Improve dicision making
Anticipate probmems before they arrive
Learn anything faster, with less effort
Ask questions which pinpoint your problems
Reduce training costs
Follow instructions accurately
Develop self-confidence by succeeding,
Learn to enjoy learning
Make an effective check part of every solution
Reduce the effect of stereotypes on behavior

Communicate in English!

Speak English fluently , without  
Express your ideas clearly
Communicate with the whole world
Read without a dictionary
Understand professional materials
Listen effectively
Get more meaning & remember longer
Read between the lines
Critical reading of newspapers, and
                                history books.
Critical reading of research
Identifying written illusions

                         workshops - 40 academc hours in10 sessions (10-15 students)

Lectures - The effect on the brain, of thinking intensively in a foreign language

Parent / teacher groups - to help children learn more easily
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  If you know why, you won't forget how to.

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